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Summit Built-In Commercial Keg Refrigerator - Brass
Summit kegerators get the beer flowing! Choose the single or double tap design for this built-in unit and serve cold, delicious draft.

Replacement Lock Assembly for Beverage Air Kegerators
Keep your beer safe with this replacement kegerator lock! If your current key lock becomes damaged, simply swap it out for one of these brand new Beverage Air parts and you’ll be able to keep your kegs nice and protected.

Single Tap Tower Refrigerator Conversion Kit (Low Profile US Sankey Coupler, Brass Tower)
Want to turn a small fridge into a kegerator. This kit is perfect for small, short fridges. Instead of running the faucet and shank through the door of the fridge, it comes with a tower that can be mounted to the top of the refrigerator or on your bar.

Faucet and 5" Shank Kit w/Black Handle
This commercial grade beer shank and high-quality draft beer faucet have come together to make a fantastic replacement set.

Tap Board Chalk Board Tap Handle
Kegerator tap handle meet functioning chalkboard! With an erasable surface, your tap handle is always accurate and up-to-date.

Single Tap Brass Axis Draft Beer Kegerator Tower
This stylish brass draft tower gives your system great style and plenty of function. Made of durable brass with an attractive slim design, it’s an easy to install kegerator tower that you’ll love to show off.

Summit One Tap Keg Refrigerator - Stainless Door w/Stainless Top
Stainless Door w/Stainless Top This unit is perfect for home use and comes complete with everything you’ll need!

Summit Single Tap Beer Keg Refrigerator ? Diamond Plated Aluminum Door
This single tap kegerator really stands out! A textured diamond plated aluminum finish coats the door and gives it a striking industrial look.
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