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Accessory Kit for Double Tap Keg Fridges
This accessory kit provides you with everything you will need to pour beer out of both taps for the Beverage Air Double Tap Keg Fridges and Glastender Double Tap Keg fridges.

Northland Undercounter Keg Fridge - Black
This fridge is specially designed to fit neatly under a counter top and can be completely built in.

Haier Draft Beer Kegerator
The Haier Keg Refrigerator is the newest one of its kind on the market. Not only does this keg fridge come with everything you need to pour beer (minus the keg of beer), you can convert it into a standard refrigerator with two included shelves.

Frigidaire Keg-O-Rator Keg Refrigerator w/ Freezer
A keg beer fridge with a freezer and fresh food shelf!

Shut Off Valve for Keg
These are great for turning off the flow of beer from inside your fridge. One end of it just screws right onto the top of your keg coupler. Then screw your beer line onto the other end.

Complete Draught Guinness Kegerator
Achieve a whole new kind of awesome with this complete Guinness keg fridge system. Almost everything you need to enjoy the perfect pint of your favorite stout at home is included, all you’ll need to provide is the air tank and the beer.

Standard Kegerator Conversion Kit (US Sankey Coupler w/5lb CO2 Tank)
This kits contains everything that you need to convert an old refrigerator into a draft beer dispensing unit. Any size fridge will work as long as its large enough to hold a keg. This kit is used for dispensing most Domestic beers.

Homebrew Keg Refrigerator - No Tanks
In the homebrewing world, this Cornelius keg refrigerator is king.
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