Qwili - Query for Wine and Liquor 

About Qwili.com

QWiLi stand for: Query for Wine and Liquor.

Qwili is a real search engine for wine, coffee, beer, spirits and all related accessories. It’s a tool design with the goal of making it easy for anyone to search for a good bottle of wine, a gift pack or a special treat of coffee while enjoying a real search engine experience. It’s easy to search base on any information you know of the product.

We signup with world class providers and suppliers of the finest quality product, we index their inventory daily to provide the products with the latest special prices.

What makes Qwili different?

You don’t have to be an expert to search for a Californian wine, an affordable gift pack or some good dark Columbian coffee. If you are an expert you can refine your search adding vintage, location or grape type to target your search of a good bottle of wine.

Because Qwili is a real search engine, we index all keywords and tags related to each product so you can use any knowledge you have of a product to actually search for it.


Contact: Qwili@intelliverb.com